How to reach the Sistine Chapel? Address and Location


The Sistine Chapel is one of the 54 museums located inside the Vatican Museum. 

To be precise, the Sistine Chapel lies at the end, being the last room of the Vatican Museum.

To reach the Sistine Chapel, you must get to the Vatican Museum first. 

In this article, we will help you learn the best ways to reach the Vatican Museum and find your way to the Sistine Chapel.

First Step – Getting to The Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museums are located within Vatican City, a city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy. 

Address: 00120 Vatican City. Get Direction.

Located within the Vatican City’s borders, the Vatican Museums are easily accessible from various parts of Rome.

You can use public transport options such as the metro, tram, or bus to reach the Vatican Museums.

By Train: 

The train journey from Rome to Vatican City is a quick 11-minute ride. 

Travelers can catch a train at Termini Station and disembark at Roma San Pietro, near St. Peter’s Square. 

From San Pietro, it’s just a short 10-minute walk to the Vatican Museums.

By Metro: 

Rome’s Metro Line A provides another efficient way to reach Vatican City. 

The Ottaviano-S metro station is conveniently situated just outside the Vatican’s boundaries. 

It’s a mere 5-minute walk from Ottaviano-S to the Vatican.

By Bus: 

If you prefer to reach by bus, lines 64, n904, and 916 are the best bus routes for the journey from Rome to Vatican City. 

Passengers can board these buses at Plebiscito in Rome and disembark at Lgt Sassia/S. Spirito (H) in Vatican City. 

The bus ride typically takes around 7 to 10 minutes.

Step 2 – Getting to the Sistine Chapel

Now that we have reached the Vatican Museum, we need to get a Vatican Museum entry ticket to access the museums and the Sistine Chapel. 

When you reach the Vatican Museum, you will find a long queue of visitors outside the ticket counter waiting to book their Sistine tickets

If you want to avoid this exhausting long queue, we recommend booking your tickets online. 

Now, with an entry ticket, you can access all 54 museums of the Vatican Museum, including the Sistine Chapel. 

There are two ways you can get to the Sistine Chapel once you are inside the Vatican Museums. 

Follow the Museum Route: Inside the Vatican Museums, you will follow a designated route that takes you through various galleries and rooms filled with priceless art and historical artifacts. 

Enjoy the remarkable collections as you make your way towards the Sistine Chapel. 

Get a guided tour: Consider joining a guided tour for a deeper and more enriching experience. 

Expert tour guides provide insights into the historical and religious significance of the Vatican Museums, ultimately leading you to the famed Sistine Chapel. 

During the tour, you’ll learn about the chapel’s famous ceiling art and other remarkable highlights.


Do you go to the Vatican Museum first or the Sistine Chapel?

To access the Sistine Chapel, one must enter the Vatican Museum first, as the Sistine Chapel is the last room of the Vatican Museums. 

How can you get to the Sistine Chapel?

Getting to the Sistine Chapel requires an admission ticket to the Vatican Museum. 
Once you have this entry ticket, you can access the Vatican Museum and make your way to the Sistine Chapel by following the signboards that say “Cappella Sistina.”

Can you enter St Peter’s from Sistine Chapel?

A secret passage from the small door on the right side of the Sistine Chapel leads directly to St. Peter’s Basilica. However, this passage is not accessible to the visitors. 

How can I see the Sistine Chapel fast?

Buy a basic Vatican Museum entry ticket for the quickest access to the Sistine Chapel.

With this ticket, you can enter the Vatican Museums and head directly to the Sistine Chapel. However, rushing to the Sistine Chapel without exploring the Vatican Museums first is not advisable, as you’d miss out on many other exhibitions.

If you wish to visit the Sistine Chapel without missing out on the other highlights of the museums, consider taking a guided tour.

How do you get to the Sistine Chapel once in the Vatican?

Once inside Vatican Museums, follow the museum route and signboards leading to the Sistine Chapel.

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