Sistine Chapel Guided Tour: Description, Prices, Discount, Highlights


Sistine Chapel guided tours of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel are led by an expert guide. 

This immersive experience enhances your understanding of the Vatican Museums, the famed Sistine Chapel, and the renowned St. Peter’s Basilica.

With the expertise of a professional guide, you’ll explore and unlock the secrets of Vatican Museums and its galleries, including the Sistine Chapel.

Ticket Description

Your Sistine Chapel guided tour ticket provides an all-encompassing experience, ensuring you make the most of your visit to the Vatican’s renowned attractions. 

The tour includes a knowledgeable guide who will accompany you throughout your tour, offering expert commentary that brings the art and history of the Vatican to life. 

To ensure you hear every detail, headsets are provided. Your ticket also grants you access to all the attractions included in the tour, covering entrance fees to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. 

With skip-the-ticket-line access, you’ll bypass the often lengthy queues, optimizing your time for exploration. 

Your ticket also offers a guided tour of St. Peter’s Basilica, adding depth to your Vatican experience. 

For your convenience, free Wi-Fi is available at the meeting point, and you’ll have access to bathrooms and a recharging station for your devices. 

With this comprehensive ticket, you can fully immerse yourself in the Vatican’s art, culture, and history.

While booking the ticket, you can choose from a small group tour (maximum 25 people) or a private tour.

Private tours are slightly more expensive but provide complete flexibility. You can plan your tour itinerary with your guide to accommodate your preferences. 

Private tours are most suitable for groups with children or seniors, so you can explore at your pace.


  • Tour guide
  • Headsets
  • Skip-the-ticket-line entry to the Vatican Museums
  • Skip-the-ticket-line entry to the Sistine Chapel
  • Guided tour of the St. Peter’s Basilica 
  • Free Wi-Fi at the meeting point
  • Bathroom access
  • Recharging station for your devices

Ticket Prices – Small group tour

  • Adult Ticket (Age 18-99): €59
  • Youth Ticket (Age 6-17): €55
  • Infant Ticket (Age 5 and younger): Free Entry

Why do visitors need the Sistine Chapel Guided Tour?

Visiting the Vatican can be an overwhelming experience due to the vastness of its treasures and the crowds of tourists. 

The Sistine Chapel Guided Tour offers visitors several crucial benefits:

Fast-Track Access: By booking this guided tour, you enjoy the convenience of skip-the-ticket-line access, ensuring you spend more time admiring the art and less time waiting in line.

In-Depth Knowledge: Knowledgeable guides provide insightful commentary on the historical, cultural, and artistic significance of the Vatican’s collections, making the visit more educational and enriching.

Access to Hidden Gems: Besides the well-known attractions, your guide will lead you to hidden treasures within the Vatican, enriching your experience with lesser-known but equally remarkable art and history.

Avoiding Crowds: Early morning tours, such as the one provided, allow for a more peaceful and intimate exploration of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel before the crowds arrive.

Highlights of Sistine Chapel Guided Tour

The Sistine Chapel guided tour is a comprehensive exploration of the Vatican’s attractions. 

Here are some of the highlights you can expect during this captivating journey:

Pine Courtyard: Your tour begins in the Pine Courtyard, a serene and scenic space setting the stage for the treasures.

Vatican Museums: The tour includes visits to the Vatican Museums, the Gallery of the Maps, Candelabra Gallery, Pio Clementino’s Rooms, the Tapestry Gallery, and the awe-inspiring Raphael Rooms (on early morning tours).

Sistine Chapel: Marvel at the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, where you can admire Michelangelo’s timeless masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

St. Peter’s Basilica: Conclude your tour at St. Peter’s Basilica, where you’ll witness Michelangelo’s exquisite Pietà, among other artistic and architectural wonders.

Expert Guidance: Your expert guide will offer historical insights and context, bringing the art and history of these sacred spaces to life.

Experience the art, culture, and history of the Vatican like never before with the Sistine Chapel guided tour. 

Unveil the secrets of these extraordinary landmarks while enjoying a seamless and enriching visit to this sacred destination.


Should I take a guided tour of Sistine Chapel?

A lot of visitors prefer taking a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel as it provides an in-depth visiting experience with a lot of information about the museum’s history, art and architecture. 

If you also want a detailed tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum, you should get a guided tour.

How long is Sistine Chapel guided tour?

A guided tour of the Sistine Chapel lasts for 3 hours.

How much does it cost to visit Sistine Chapel with a guide?

A guided tour of the Sistine Chapel costs €59 for adults between 18 to 99 years of age. While for children aged 6 to 17 years, the guided tour ticket is available at a discounted price of €55.

Infants aged 5 and younger can walk in for free.

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