Top 10 Masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel!


The Sistine Chapel is world famous, as it is a religious haven for all pilgrims and the most colorful spot in the Vatican City.

The Chapel’s walls and ceiling are covered with over 500 frescos from the Renaissance, attracting over 6 million visitors every year!

First-time visitors exploring the Sistine Chapel might get overwhelmed by the number of paintings and forget to spot the most popular ones.

Here are the top 10 art pieces in the Sistine Chapel that visitors should not miss on their Sistine Chapel exploration.

1. The Last Judgment

The Last Judgment

The Last Judgment fresco on the Altar wall was the last fresco by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.

It has become one of the most famous frescos after the ceiling!

Pilgrims can spot their favorite saints on the wall as over 300 human figures surround Jesus and Mother Mary!

If you look closely, you can identify each person’s emotions on this wall, as Michelangelo is known for capturing the perfect facial expression. 

Artist students should see this painting, as they can learn much more about creating interesting human poses in their works! 

We recommend visiting early in the morning, as you will find less crowd around the painting, and have more time to observe the brush strokes of the unique Buon Fresco Technique! 

2. Peter Receiving the Keys to Heaven

Peter Receiving the Keys to Heaven Sistine Chapel

The third most popular painting in the Sistine Chapel is Peter receiving the Keys of Heaven, on the North wall of the Sistine Chapel! 

This fresco made Pietro Peugino a famous artist in the Renaissance period.

It depicts a captivating scene of St. Peter being appointed as the key holder to Heaven’s Gates.

You can see Peter kneeling at Jesus’ feet and receiving a golden key in the fresco, surrounded by a huge audience.

The background of the fresco also holds deep significance for all pilgrims, as it has an illustration of the famous Temple of Jerusalem behind Jesus and Peter. 

A few Biblical stories of Jesus being stoned and payment of tribute, from the Gospel of Matthew, are also in the background.

3. The Flood: Story of Noah’s Ark

The Flood Story of Noah’s Ark

The most famous story in the Old Testament of the Bible is Noah’s Ark, and kids will enjoy seeing its depiction on the Sistine Chapel ceiling!

You can see this fresco on the ceiling’s main panel and is the second last painting from the entrance. 

The fresco displays an accurate depiction of emotions on all the faces of people running away from the huge flood! 

If you spend more time looking at the painting, you will notice Noah rowing his Ark away from the ground towards the open water in the background.

Pilgrims enjoy observing the scene as it strengthens their belief that they are safe under God’s protection, just like Noah was! 

4. Banishment from the Garden of Eden

Banishment from the Garden of Eden Sistine Chapel

The Banishment from the Garden of Eden is also known as the Origin of Sin and captures the scenes of Adam and Eve’s temptation and banishment. 

At the center of the fresco is the large Biblical tree of Good and Evil, and you can see a serpent-like figure giving Eve a fruit.

The fresco appears life-like, as you can see the emotions of guilt and sadness on the faces of Adam and Eve as they are cast out. 

This fresco offers an excellent opportunity for parents to teach children about how telling lies can ruin their lives. 

5. David and Goliath

David and Goliath

The Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings, besides the central panels, are always overlooked, but we recommend looking at the two corner paintings at the entrance.

This ceiling fresco by Michelangelo depicts the end scene of the famous story of the shepherd David killing Goliath, the giant. 

Michelangelo uses bright colors to make both human figures stand out from the background, which would interest art lovers. 

The David and Goliath painting is excellent for teaching kids the power of courage and telling them the adventurous story of a giant!

6. Judith and Holofernes

Judith and Holofernes

Women will love seeing the powerful painting of Judith and Holofernes at the entrance of the Sistine Chapel ceiling!

You can see Judith holding the head of Holofernes, a ruler she murdered who was going to destroy her home country. 

It is a painting you will never forget because of its strong backstory and shocking compositions of Holofernes lying beheaded in a corner! 

Check out our Michelangelo in Vatican article to discover more stunning art by the famous Renaissance artist on your visit!

7. The Last Supper

The Last Supper

This fresco, by Cosimo Rosselli, can be seen on the North wall of the Sistine Chapel and is an important painting for all pilgrims.

Rosselli perfectly captures the Disciples and Jesus sitting around a horseshoe-shaped table, having a lavish meal at the famous Last Supper Jesus had with his disciples before the crucifixion. 

The background of the painting also captures small depictions of the Passion of Christ and his crucifixion, which happened after the Last Supper. 

Visitors from other faiths can learn more about Lent fasting and the Easter festival from their guide while observing this fresco. 

8. Baptism of Christ

Baptism of Christ

Another must-see artwork by Pietro Perugino in the Sistine Chapel is the Baptism of Christ on the North Wall, which is on the right side of the Altar. 

The fresco depicts the scene of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the river, as a white dove is seen flying over his head. 

This scene is famous in the Bible, where God’s voice echoes over the Baptism ceremony and declares Jesus as his son. 

In the background of the fresco, visitors will observe Jesus and John the Baptist preaching to crowds of people on either side.

It depicts the spreading of the Christian faith and is a must-see as you can point out the facial details of each person, even though there are many human figures in the painting!

9. Passage of the Red Sea

Passage of the Red Sea

Another masterpiece by Rosselli in the Sistine Chapel is the Passage of the Red Sea, the third painting on the South wall. 

The famous Miracle done by Moses is shown in this painting, as God helps him direct the Israelites across the Red Sea by parting it with his staff.

The fresco depicts the aftermath of the miracle, as you can see the Sea closes over the Egyptian soldiers and all of them drowning.

Art lovers enjoy seeing the expressions of each drowning human and horse figure in Rosselli’s art gem!

You can also see a raging storm falling over Egypt to punish them in the background of the painting. 

10. Handing over the Tablets of the Law

Handing over the Tablets of the Law

The last fresco on the list of the top 10 artworks is handing over the Tablets of the Law painting by Rosselli, the fourth painting on the South wall. 

It is famous because it tells the complete story of all important events in the life of Moses while getting the Israelites to the Promised Land. 

You can see the complete story of Moses receiving the Seven Commandments Tablets from God to the scene where he breaks the tablets as the Israelites are praying to the Golden Calf.

The Golden Calf is also captured in this fresco, showing the ever-changing nature of humans.

One of the hidden details you will notice is that Moses was painted in yellow and green robes in all frescos so visitors could identify him easily!

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What is the Most Famous Artwork in the Sistine Chapel? 

Before you look at anything else, you must begin your exploration trip by observing the Sistine Chapel ceiling. 

The Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling is the most popular part of the Chapel, and the Creation of Adam is the most valuable painting in the Vatican Museum!

The fresco holds deep significance to the Renaissance ideals of Man being closest to God and superior in knowledge to all other creatures. 

This idea is depicted in The Creation of Adam, as you can see God reaching out his hand to Adam on Earth, sharing his knowledge with him.

It is also a sacred Biblical scene for pilgrims, and Michelangelo uses the idea that man was created in God’s likeness to paint the Godly figure.

We recommend taking a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel to learn more exciting facts about the frescos from a professional perspective!

Tips to remember when visiting these 10 Sistine Chapel

Here are some helpful tips to make your Sistine Chapel experience better!

  • Book your Sistine Chapel tickets in advance. This will help you save time and avoid currency exchange problems.
  • Wear comfortable shoes so you can spend more time at the Chapel.
  • Arrive early in the morning for a calming and less crowded chapel visit.
  • Plan to explore the Vatican Museum on the same day as the Sistine Chapel. You can check out our article on how to explore the Vatican Museum in 2 hours if you are on a time crunch. 
  • Maintain silence in the Sistine Chapel, as it is a holy place.
  • Carry along water and a few snacks if traveling with kids.

FAQs on Top Masterpieces of the Sistine Chapel 

What do you see in the Sistine Chapel?

 You can see the place where the Papal Conclave is conducted up close. You can also see stunning frescos by famous Renaissance artists in the Sistine Chapel. 

What is the most famous part of the Sistine Chapel?

The Sistine Chapel ceiling Michelangelo frescos are the most famous part of the Sistine Chapel.

How much does it cost to go inside the Sistine Chapel?

The standard Sistine Chapel entry ticket with Vatican Museum access costs €31 for adults.

Kids between 6 and 17 years old can visit for a discounted price of €20! Infants 5 years and below can visit for free.

Why can’t you take pictures in the Sistine Chapel?

A copyright law protects all the Sistine Chapel paintings. Taking pictures of the Sistine Chapel is illegal.

What is the dress code to visit the Sistine Chapel?

Avoid wearing clothes that expose your knees or shoulders when visiting the Sistine Chapel. No hats or caps are allowed in the Chapel. 

Did Michelangelo fall from the Sistine Chapel?

Yes, Michelangelo fell from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel while painting.

This accident hurt his back and prevented him from painting the Chapel for weeks.

He was alone when the accident happened and was forced to drag himself home. 

Is the Sistine Chapel free to visit on the last Sunday of the month, like the Vatican Museum?

Yes, the Sistine Chapel is free to visit on the last Sunday of the month. 

What is the most famous panel from the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel?

The Creation of Adam painting, which is the fourth panel from the altar, is the most famous Sistine Chapel ceiling panel.

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